Abortion Clinics in Swaziland

Abortion is illegal in Swaziland and therefore you will not find a clinic dedicated to this essential service.

Swaziland women like all other women around the world find themselves with unwanted pregnancies. It is only human and no one should judge them at all. Millions of women around the world find themselves in a similar situation. It is a normal thing and it is not worth any further discussion.

What is important is for the Swazi women to get an opportunity to terminate this unwanted pregnancy safely. In most cases this does not happen in Swaziland because of the laws of the land. It is criminal to terminate unwanted pregnancy. Therefore Swazialnd women get stuck with the unwanted pregnancy and what do they do:

1. Commit infatacide - kill the children at birth.

2. Abandon the children on streets.

3. Risk their lives through do it yourself unscientific abortion. A very dangerous act that has so many unfortunate consequences and should not be done.

All those three things do not need to happen.

What are the options:

1. You have an option of going to South Africa and have your unwanted pregnancy terminated there. For help in either Nelspruit or Durban Call: 0027 61 067 4116

3. You can have abortion medicine sent to you in Swaziland. Abortion medicine is very safe and will assist you terminate an unwanted pregnancy privately, cheaply and safely. All you have to do for this option to work effectively is to do decide as soon as you know that you are pregnant to terminate with the abortion pills.

Abortion medicine is not registered in Swaziland and therefore you will not be able to receive it locally. The only way forward is to have it sent to you from South Africa. It is not expensive to do this. But the results are safe and effective.

Types of Abortion available:

Abortion is very safe if done in a proper way. There are two types of abortion that Swazi women can have performed on them. That is Medical abortion (the cheap and very safe method) and surgical abortion (it is expensive) but very safe as well. These two options are easily accessible in neighbouring South Africa.

It is critical for a Swaziland woman to know that even in South Africa abortion has a limit. It is allowed between 1 week to 12 weeks without questions. 13 weeks to 20 weeks you will have to have a reason to why you want to terminate. And after 20 weeks you will only be helped if your life is in danger. It is therefore critical for Swaziland women who want to terminate to decide as quickly as possible the way forward for them. Do not delay because you have a time span where you have to act.

One other thing you have to remember is that abortion clinics do not need any documentation to know who you are. They do not need to know you. They are doing no statistics and therefore everything is anonymous.


Do not put yourlife at risk doing abortion using unconvention methods. Abortion is either done using abortion pills or it is done using surgical abortion and no any other way.

Abortion is legal in South Africa and easily accessible. If you can not come to SOuth Africa then you can get abortion pills that are safe and cheap (can even be sent to you in Swaziland) to terminate your pregnancy in the privacy of your home but safely. If you can afford you can get the surgical abortion.

Remain safe and do the right thing.

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There are various ways to terminate an unwanted pregnancy (abort) the cheapest being termination using an Abortion Pill. You can learn more about the abortion Abortion Procedure and also How Does Abortion Work. After an Abortion this is what you have to know and follow so that you can recover very quickly and get back your old body.

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