Abortion Pills for sale in Sandton

Abortion is either done in clinic using the surgical method. This is the xpensive method of termination and it will cost you in the region of R3000 or a pill can be used to terminate a pregnancy.

Termination of a pregnancy using a pill is a cheaper, effective and safe method of termination.

It is your choice to decide what you can afford when going about termination, either Surgical or Pill. The results are the same but one is quicker and more expensive the other is slower but cheap and affordable. But in both ways termination happens the same day.

Abortion Pills in Sandton:

Abortion is actually done with more than one pill. It is a dose that depends on how far you are into your pregnancy. But not two women are similar. Some women terminate on a small dose others need a big dose of termination pills in order to terminate successfully.

Abortion pills can not be bought in pharmacies around Sandton. And you will not be able to get a prescription from any doctor around Sandton in order to take to the pharmacy and receive the abortion pills. It is one of the few medication that are offered only by the doctor in the clinic.

If you are in Sandton we can assist you. But you should be between 2 weeks and 14 weeks and not beyond.

You should be careful when buying abortion pills around Sandton. There is a very high chance of buying panadol or dispirin if you do not know what you are buying. Carry a smart phone with you so that you can Google what you are buying. If it is not in a sealed sachet then there is all likelihood that what you are buying is not abortion pills. Abortion pills are always in a sealed sachet and not an envelope.

Success of Abortion Pills:

Abortion pills have a high success rate if you follow the instructions strictly and what you are taking is abotion pills.

Usage Instructions:

We shall give you the usage instructions when we give you the medication:

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