Abortion Pill U A E

Abortion pill in the U A E will only be couriered there. It is difficult to go to any phamarcy in the U A E and get the abortion pill. The reason is simple, abortion pills are highly controlled medication. So the pharmacies will not sell you the abortion pills.

The alternative is to either travel out of the U A E and come to South Africa or go to Europe to get yourself the abortion pill there.

If you can not leave the U A E then the alternative is procure the pill and have it couriered to you in the U A E. Yes it is possible to do that.

What you have to know is to know exactly how far you are into your pregnancy. This is very important so that you can receive the right dosage of medicine couriered to you to terminate your pregnancy.

Duration of Your Pregnancy:

It is calculated from the 1st day of the last menstrual cycle you had. There is calculator at the bottom of the page. Just enter right dates and you should know how far you are into your pregnancy. That calaculator is quite accurate. When you get that information relay it with your request so that the right dose of pills is dispatched to you.

Are Abortion Pills Safe?

Yes abortion pills are very safe and you can use them in the comfort of your home. At most they trigger your menstrual cycle and when you go through your cycle you will pass the pregnancy tissue and you are done. The may be a bit of pain brought about by the cramping. You will be able to go through it and you will be ok.

If I go to hospital will they know I used Pills?

No. It is impossible to know that one has used pills if they are taken sublingually, that is under the tongue. When you put them under the tongue the medication is taken into your body through those small vessels and they leave no traces of the medication. So, it is impossible for the doctors to know that you induced the termination. The only way they will know is if you tell them. Otherwise it will considered a miscarriage and thousands of women go through natural miscarriages a year. Doctors know this and it does not bather them at all.

Do you want the pills and you are in the U A E?

We shall work out a way to send the pills to you.

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Calculate the Length of Your Pregnancy

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This is not a diagnosis. The calculations that are provided are estimates based on averages.

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