Alternatives to Abortion

Abortion is the expulsion of the fetus from a womans body preferably before it becomes a full fledged child.

Abortion is done because the person concerned for various reasons is unable to go through with the pregnancy to maturity.

The number one alternative to abortion is to go through with the pregnancy and have a baby.

Two, have a baby and give it up for adoption. This is a possible process but it has a lot of red tape. But it can be done and it is done every day.

Do not have unprotected sex. Do not allow your partner to pressurize you into having unprotected sex. The more you have unprotected sex the higher the chances that you will get pregnant. Condoms used properly are very effective in protecting you from unwanted pregnancy.

The day after pill can help, it hinders the conception process from taking root.

In Pretoria We have a clinic that does abortion but limited to ladies who are three months 12 weeks pregnant or less. If you need the service please contact us using one of the several methods below:

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