How to abort 1 month pregnancy with medicine

Terminating a 1 month pregnancy can be done in two ways. You either terminate the pregnancy using pills which is called medical termination or you terminate this pregnancy surgically.

These are the only two recommended ways to end a pregnancy. All other ways will either be unsuccessful or they will be outright dangerous. So do not try any method other than using termination pills or surgery.

Termination with pills:

There are several termination pills that can be used to terminate a pregnancy. The dose also depends on the pills you are using and how far you are into your pregnancy. You doctor will advise you depending on those two factors above.

Pills are very effective in most people to terminate a pregnancy within the same day of taking them. They are very safe also. Most pills have also normal effects on you like vomiting, chills, cramps and the likes. Nothing more than that. All these effects quickly go away.

Termination with pills is also cheap compared to surgical.

Surgical Termination of pregnancy:

The doctor must be involved or a trained nurse. There are different methods of surgical termination but they all depend on how far you are into your pregnancy. One method is sucking the pregnancy tissue out of your uterus.

Surgical termination is quick but very expensive and it is not available in all places because of scarcity of manpower to do.

What method do I choose.

It depends on your finances and where you are. Both methods are safe.

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