How much is Misoprostol at Clicks Pharmacy, How much is Misoprostol at Dischem Pharmacy

Clicks and Dischem do have Misoprotol but you will not be able to get it for pregnancy termination. Pharmacies require prescriptions to get you the medication and for sure no doctor will give you a prescription to get medication at a pharmacy. It will not happen.

It is only a termination doctor that will assist you.

Where do you get abortion pills?

You can go to abortion clinics and they will assist you. You can also email us or call or whatsapp 061 067 4116 and you will be assisted on finding the right termination doctor.


Abortion pills are controlled medicine because the state wants to avoid abuse of this medicine. Abortion pills are controlled to avoid misuse, to avoid harm, and to ensure that they are only dispensed by the doctor and not the pharmacist.

Abortion Pill at Clicks Pharmacy, Can I get Misoprostol at Dischem Pharmacy?

Clicks and Dischem will not give you abortion pills not under any circumstances. Clicks is like any other pharmacy in South Africa and follows the rules and regulations that govern controlled medicines. Abortion pills are only dispensed by doctors and not pharmacists. So it is impossible for you to walk in with a prescription saying you want to terminate yourpregnancy and therefore you want pills to do that for you. You will not get any happiness.

When do I take abortion pills?

Abortion Pills or Pregnancy Termination pills are most effective when there are used for early termination. The more you delay the more difficult it will be for you to terminate using pills. It is therefore very important to decide early and terminate your pregnancy using abortion pills.

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