Termination of Pregnancy at 13 weeks

Termination of pregnancy at 13 weeks is easy and safe to do as long as you use the two correct methods of terminating a pregnancy. At 13 weeks you can either terminate the pregnancy using pills which is known as medical termination or surgical termination which involves a doctors intervention.

Medical Termination at 13 weeks

Medical termination involves using medical termination pills or called abortion pills. The pills are very safe to use and they usually do the job safely. The pills are offered by your medical service provider and they are taken in the safety and privacy of your home.

The pills will lead to something similar to a miscarriage and all you will see is your monthly menstrual cycle which will be heavy and then reduce with time. The cycle may continue from 1 day to several days. Each woman is different so what happens to Sarah may not be what will hapen to Joan as far as length of the menstrual cycle is concerned. One thing for sure is that pills are very safe to terminate pregnancies at 13 weeks and they are recommended.

Pills do not need a doctors supervision as they just trigger a miscarriage and many women go through natural miscarriages safely around the world. A miscarriage is when a the body rejects a pregnancy. This happens all the time to women and it is natural and happens at home any time without a doctor. Many women go through it and they live. Pills do exactly the same thing but this time it is induced.

Surgical Termination at 13 weeks

Surgical termination at 13 weeks means that the doctor will suck the pregnancy tissue out of your womb. The doctor inserts instruments into your womb through the vagina and sucks out the pregnancy tissue. The process is done with local anethesia and it is done at the clinic.

Surgical termination is usually quick and it is safe. The only problem with surgical termination is that there is a lot of preparation involved and there is a lot of man-power that goes into it. Because of this it ends up being expensive for most women. The same procedure can be achieved safely and cheaply medically as explained above. But it all depends on you. You have to choose what is within your means.

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