Do Abortions Hurt?

Abortion is uncomfortable regardless the method utilized. Surgical abortion involves surgical tools that are inserted inside your vagina to the uterus. You are given medicine to soften the cervix in order to make it easy for the tools to get to the uterus. When inserting those tools inside your vagina to the uterus it is [...]

How is Abortion done? – Comparing Medical Abortion to Surgical Abortion

1. Medical abortion is cheap. You receive medicine (abortion pills) with instructions on how to take them. Surgical abortion is expensive involves doctors and nurses attending to you in a theatre. This makes it very expensive. 2. Medical abortion and surgical abortion are both very safe and often very successful. It is very rear to [...]

Cheapest Abortion Pill Cost

Cheapest Abortion Pill Cost is available in South Africa. In fact abortion pills can be got from Government Hospitals for free. The only catch with Government hospitals is that they are extremely overloaded with people with more serious problems than a woman who wants to terminate. So there is a very a high chance that [...]

After Termination of Pregnancy

You have to drink a lot of fluids including water to replenish your body.You have to make sure you have recovered fully so get a few days leave.Eat healthy food and take vitamins and get a lot of restIf you see something unusual go to the nearest hospital immediatelyDo not exercise for two weeksNo swimming [...]

Abortion Pill Success Stories

Moseoa found herself pregnant. She was a college student with a scholarship and her life depedent on her finishing her studies successfully. But there was problem now. She was pregnant and like many situations of this nature the boyfriend did not want to take responsiblity. At 18 years of Age the dark clouds were forming [...]


Abortion pills are very effective in terminating a pregnancy. We can assist you get the correct abortion pills in Durban and also help you utilize them correctly so that you get the desired results. BUT BEFORE YOU GET ABORTION PILLS YOU HAVE TO KNOW A FEW THINGS: 1. What are abortion pills. You have to [...]

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