Abortion Pills for Sale Doha

We have abortion pills for sale in Doha. Our pills are the right pills and you will get the right dose. You use them once and you done – sameday termination of pregnancy. They are very effective and safe.

All you have to do is to reach us by either Calling or WhatsApp +27610674116.

We have been operation since 2000 and we are a trusted leader in providing safe, private and cheap abortion to the people of Doha.

We offer Medical Abortion – that is abortion by pill because that is the method that is both very safe and affordable by most women.

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Abortion Pills are Safe & Effective – WhatsApp +27610674116


Where do I get the Pill in Doha

We shall assist you to get the right pills for termination. Not all pills you see will help you terminate a pregnancy. Get the pills from us and you are sure to get the right pills and the right dose to terminate once off. Yes there is the right pill and the right dose. Getting the right pill dose not mean you will get the right dose. The right dose depends on how fay you are into your pregnancy. Talk to us the professionals and you get the right thing.

Call or WhatsApp: +27 61 067 4116
Email: help@your-choice.co.za

Are Pills Effective and Safe?

Pills are so safe that they recommended by the World Health Organisation. Pills have been used for over 40 years to terminate pregnancies successfully and safely. Do not try anything else. All other things are just a waste of time or out right dangerous. It is either the pill or surgery.

How Much is the Pill?

It is a dose that depends on how far you are into your pregnancy. It is NOT one size fits all. So the dose will determine the price. But it is always affordable. It is better to pay this small price and get sorted other than do anything else. So get the pill as quickly as possible.

Are Pills painful?

Pills affect people different. Some people fill discomfort and others do not. So each woman is different. But there are ways to manage this discomfort. So do not worry about this. It is something that you will go through quickly and you are done. We shall tell you how to manage this discomfort. Do not worry about it at all. You will be ok.

Do You Need Abortion Pills in Doha?

Call or WhatsApp: +27 61 067 4116

Email: help@your-choice.co.za

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Dr Thembi MbChB - Mendusa. Am a professionally trained medical doctor with interest in women reproductive health and sexuality. I help women avoid dangerous termination practices by focusing them on what they can do to terminate safely even when they do not want to use public clinics.

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