Abortion Pills for Sale Upington (Safe Medical Abortion)

Abortion Pills for Sale Upington (Safe Medical Abortion). We offer safe, effective abortion pills in Upington. The pills are used once and they will terminate the pregnancy safely and effectively in the comfort of your home.

Come see us for a free abortion information consultation and pregnancy confirmation appointment. We can determine how far along you are, inform you about options available to you in Upington and surrounding areas. 

You will get all answers to any questions you may have about pregnancy and abortion. It’s your future. Choose to know.

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first trimester medical abortions

If you are considering the abortion pill, make an appointment today. We provide accurate medical information on the abortion pill and abortion procedures in Upington. Get help so that you make a fully informed decision. 

​During your appointment, you will receive all the information that you need to confirm your pregnancy and determine viability. You will get all information on all your options, including education on the abortion pill.  

​Before you decide, you need to find out how far along you are and what abortion and pregnancy options are available to you.

Abortion Pills for Sale Upington (Safe Medical Abortion)
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What is the price of abortion pills in Upington?

The abortion pill, often referred to as a medical, medication, or chemical abortion is actually two drugs taken in two separate doses (one at the clinic and one at home).

The abortion pill can cost anywhere between R500-R1000 depending on how far you are into your pregnancy.

It is a dose and the dose will determine how much it will cost you.

The earlier you are the cheaper it is.

​​Confirm your pregnancy and explore your options. All services are confidential and private.

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Can You Get Abortion Pills Over the Counter in Upington?

No. You will not be able to get abortion pills over the counter anywhere in Upington. Government controls abortion pills in South and therefore it is impossible to get ablrtion pills over the counter in any town in South Africa.

Abortion pills are available in hospitals, clinics and private doctor rooms in Upington.

If you need abortion pills in Upington contact us and we shall assist you get the right abortion pills in Upington.

First Trimester Abortion Pills in Upington

Abortion are the same for 1 week up to 9 months. It is the same thing. The only difference may be the dose that you will get.

There is absolutely no difference.

Yes, I mentioned 9 months. ABortion pills are used up to 9 months. At 9 months they are used to induce child birth and they work perfectly.

Same Day Abortion Pills in Upington

Abortion pills may work on day one or they may be a delayed termination of pregnancy. So, there are no special pills for same day termination.

The effectiveness of the termination pills change from person to person. For some reason some women have delayed termination wherease others are able to terminate immediately.

One thing is that termination pills works in all women. Abortion pills may delay but they often end up working as long as you follow the doctors instructions.

After taking the pills just be patient. Do not be anxious and you will see the abortion pills working.

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Medical abortion pills that work in Upington

Abortion Pills that work must be sealed and branded like in the picture below:

Pills that are open and in an envelope are fake pills and they will not work for you. Do not focus on price, focus on getting the right pills so that you put this problem behind you.

How Does it Work? When do you take Abortion Pill?

You can take the abortion pill between 2 weeks -16 weeks, but it can be taken up to 120 days after your last known menstrual period.

The abortion pill is not an option for people with certain medical conditions or if the pregnancy occurs outside of the uterus. 

what if I’m in my second trimester?

At your appointment, we can answer all your questions about second-trimester abortion. You will get all information on late-term abortion procedures and give you information, resources for pregnancy options in your first, second, or third trimester.

But remember abortion in South Africa is legal between 1 week to 20 weeks. After 20 weeks abortion becomes illegal.

Is it Possible to Reverse the Abortion Pill After Usage

Yes, you can reverse the abortion pill. The abortion pill reversal (APR) procedure can only occur after the first dose of medical abortion.

This service is not available in Upington though So you should be sure about what you want to achieve.

Abortion Pills for Sale Upington (Safe Medical Abortion)

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