Where Can I Find Abortion Pills for Sale in Tembisa, Ivory Park and Tembisa Plaza?

You will find Abortion Pills for Sale in Tembisa at Your Choice Safe Abortion Clinic at Swazi Inn near PnP. Your Choice Safe Abortion Clinics has the right abortion pills for a safe one day termination of an unwanted pregnancy in Tembisa.

From Your Choice Clinic you will get the correct abortion pills, correct dose, in Tembisa, that will end your pregnancy safely and privately.

We serve these areas with safe abortion pills – Tembisa Plaza, Ivory Park


How Much Are the Abortion Pills in Tembisa,

The price depends in several variables. The dose of pills you will get and the stage of your pregnancy will determine the price that you will pay for the pills.

The starting price though for correct pills is around R500. This is for the first 8 weeks or so into your pregnancy.

As your pregnancy progresses the cost of the abortion pills that you will get will increase.

Call or WhatsApp +27 61 067 4116

We do also offer abortion pills for sale in Ivory Park too.

Buying Abortion Pills in Tembisa Calls for Care

Buying abortion pills in Tembisa you have to be careful.

There is a lot fake abortion pills on the market. You have to get the right pills from professional people like us to be safe.

If you focus on price you will lose. Abortion pills are not expensive but very cheap abortion pills are not the real thing.

Remember there is an old saying: “Buy Cheap – Pay Twice”. This means that if you buy cheap, you get low quality things and you have to return to the market to buy again. .

This is adage is true with abortion pills too, buy very cheap pills off the streets of Tembisa there is a chance you will get vitamins and not abortion pills

Carry a smart phone with you so that you can Google what you are buying.

If it is not in a sealed sachet then there is all likelihood that what you are buying is not abortion pills.

Abortion pills are always in a sealed sachet and not an envelope.

To get the right pills you have to be reasonable. Pay the right price and you will be OK. But abortion pill prices are affordable.

Let us help you get the right pills at Tembisa Plaza.

Cytotec Abortion Pills WhatsApp Tembisa +27610674116
Cytotec Abortion Pills WhatsApp Tembisa +27610674116

Do you need help? Call or WhatsApp

+27 61 067 4116

Types of Abortion Pills in Tembisa Plaza

There two types of abortion pills commonly used for abortion all around South Africa including Tembisa. These are Mifepristone and Misoprostol (Cytotec).

Mifepristone is extremely expensive and you will not find it in Tembisa.

Cytotec on the other hand is cheap and available. You will be able to get it in Tembisa.

If you use both pills the percentage of success when terminating increases. But, Cytotec if used properly does the job effectively.

All you have to do is to follow the given instructions to the dot.

How to take abortion Pills (cytotec)
Taking Abortion Pills under the tongue

How Do You know the right Abortion Pills from fake ones?

We are going to show you how to get the right abortion pills in Tembisa.

  1. Correct pills are in a sachet.Fake ones come open in an envelope.
  2. The correct pills will come as a full tablet. Fakes ones are broken into pieces, the idea is to disguise what you are buying.
  3. Correct pills are branded. They have the correct name of the brand on the sachet. Fake pills are not branded. Fake pills will come in an envelope and not in their original sachet.
  4. If you are given 2 or 1 pill you have lost money. They will not work even when correct. They are few. Correct pills start from 4 pills going upwards.
Abortion Pills for Sale in Tembisa
Correct abortion pills in the picture above

What is the dose of pills that I should get

One pill is enough to do the Abortion.

The dose depends on how far you are into your pregnancy. Minimum number of pills you should accept is 4 correct pills.

So when buying abortion pills in Tembisa we have to know how far you are into your pregnancy and give you the right abortion pills.

If you get anything less, it is lost money. It will fail. You will remain pregnant.

But not two women are similar. Some women terminate on a small dose other need a big dose of termination pills in order to terminate successfully.

Some women not even 4 pills will for for you. You may need 6 to 8. But if you receive 4 pills you stand a good chance to terminate.

Abortion pills  Vaginal usage
Taking abortion pills vaginally

Do you need help? Call or WhatsApp

+27 61 067 4116

Can I buy Abortion Pills at a Pharmacy in Tembisa

No. Abortion pills can not be bought in pharmacies around Tembisa. Pharmacies are barred from selling abortion pills.

Do not bather going to a pharmacy. You will not get the abortion pills there.

If interested send a Whatsapp message to +27 61 067 4116 and you will be directed to where you will be able to get the right abortion pills at Tembisa Plaza.

Can Doctors in Tembisa Write for me a Prescription for Termination of Pregnancy Meds?

No, that will not happen either. Doctors are prohibited from writing prescriptions for abortion pills.

So, forget getting prescription from a doctor and hoping to take it to a pharmacy to get the abortion pills. It will not work.

But, you will get the abortion pills at Tembisa. As I said send a message to +27 61 067 4116 and you will be assisted.

Do you need help?

If you are in Tembisa we can assist you. But you should be between 2 weeks and 16 weeks and not beyond.

Call or WhatsApp +27 61 067 4116

Success of Abortion Pills:

Abortion pills have a high success rate if you follow the instructions strictly and what you are taking is abortion pills.

Medical abortion with a pill is very successful. More than 95 in 100 people who have a medication abortion need no further treatment.

In the very, very small number of cases where the pills don’t work completely, another pill or an aspiration procedure is used as a follow up.

More serious complications are very rare, occurring in less than 0.4 per 100 cases. This means in every 10 women who use pills to abort almost none gets a problem.

So do not listen to people scaring you. They either do not know the facts or they are anti abortion. They want you to keep a child, they will not help you to raise.

Usage Instructions of Abortion Pills:

We shall give you the usage instructions when we give you the medication.

The pills are either put under the tongue or in the vagina. You can choose what you prefer and you will be OK.

If you look at the top you will see two pictures showing how pills are taken – under the tongue and in the vagina.

You can use both methods together or one of them. The results are often the same.

What happens After taking the Abortion Pills

  • Bleeding and cramping after taking Misoprostol – Cytotec. It can happen immediately or hours after. Just relax if there is delay in bleeding. Do not stress it will happen.
  • Heavy bleeding with blood clots and tissue for several hours—usually about 4-5 hours, but it can vary. Clots can be quite large, and heavy bleeding can be surprising.
  • Cytotec creates cramping for several hours. Prepare for that. These can feel very intense, and can vary between mild and strong. Each woman is different.
  • Feeling feverish and cold (chills) is common. You should also expect nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, and tiredness. These last a day or so. They often resolve themselves. They are brought on by the medication.

What will happen over the next few days after taking the pill

  • You will bleed in a controlled way from a few days to a few weeks. Nothing to worry about. Spotting is common.
  • Spotting can continue until the around next menstrual period.
  • You get your life back less the pregnancy symptoms. In a few people pregnancy symptoms linger for a while.

What to watch out for?

Heavy bleeding can be surprising, but it’s usually normal. If you’re soaking less than 2 thick pads per hour, for two hours in a row, it’s typically okay.

If you bleed very heavily for more than a day go to a hospital and tell them you are having miscarriage.

It may hemorrhage – which is over bleeding and it is life threatening.

Very high fever is a sign of an infection. Go the hospital immediately and get help.

Getting antibiotics and using them after abortion is recommended. It protects you from bugs. Rare but possible.

Back pain and severe stomach pain call for medical attention too.

These issues are very, very rare but you should know them in the event that they happen to you. You should know what to do immediately.

Most women terminate with pills and are up and running a day after. Pills are an extremely safe way to terminate a pregnancy.

Abortion Pills for Sale in Tembisa

Let us get you the right abortion pills in Tembisa.

Be careful do not be scammed. Abortion pills are in a sachet not an envelope or hospital sleeve. See pictures on top.

Very cheap pills are always not the real thing. Do not be blinded by price. The sellers are not fools.

Our abortion pills are affordable, price depends on dose and how far you are into your pregnancy.

You will get the right dose. The right dose is critical, getting the right pills but the wrong dose is as good as getting fake pills.

The Abortion Pills will work on the same day and you are done.

They do not have long time side effects.

You will be able fall pregnant again in the future.

Abortion Pills for sale in Tembisa Plaza.

We shall assist you with abortion pills at Tembisa Plaza. We have affordable, effective and safe abortion pills at Tembisa plaza.

To get the right abortion pills contact us using the phone number below and we shall assist you.

Do you need help? Call or WhatsApp

+27 61 067 4116

Your Choice Safe Abortion Clinic

Tembisa Plaza

Andrew Mapheto Dr, Esangweni, Johannesburg, 1681


Abortion pills for sale at Tembisa Plaza
Abortion Pills at Tembisa Plaza +27610674116

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