Are Abortion Pills in South Africa Safe

One of the safest and cheapest ways to terminate a pregnancy in South Africa is by the use of the abortion pill.

It is actually not ONE pill but up to 5 or six pills that will do the job for you. So it is not accurate to refer to it as the abortion pill but abortion pills.

There various types of abortion pills. One thing is that they all do the same thing, that is to end your pregnancy safely. These pills come in a silver container with wordings on. They are 200mg.

In South Africa abortion is legal and you can end your pregnancy using these pills that are available through your doctor. South African law allows you to end your pregnancy without questions if you are in your 1st trimester, that is you are 12 weeks and below. Abortion pills are very effective in ending your pregnancy at this stage and you will be able to do it safely and privately.



Abortion pills are sealed in a silver plastic sachet with wordings on. They must be 200mg each and it written on the sachet. Do not accept open pills as you may get the wrong ones.


The dosage depends on how far you are into your pregnancy but they should not be less that 5. If you receive pills that are lesser than 5 they may not work but you may be lucky. Ensure that you get 5 and above and they must be in their original silver plastic sachet and they must be 200mg each that is written on the sachet.


If they are open in some form of envelope and usually broken in pieces then reject them and do not take them because you are not sure whether they are the ones or not. The original pills are silled in their original sachet.


Abortion Pills are controlled and you will not receive them over the counter. Remember that phamacist are controlled by law and will not do some thing that will get them into trouble. You will therefore not get the abortion pills at the pharmacy because they know exactly what you want to do. You can only get abortion pills through your doctor that is helping you with termination .


Yes. Abortion pills are very safe. They will assist women terminate their pregnancy almost close to the natural way of a miscariage.

Miscarriages occur in thousands of women daily and it happens at home without the intervention of a doctor. This is exactly what will happen to women who use termination medicine. They will end the pregnancy almost in a similar method to what would happen naturally.

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Dr Thembi MbChB - Mendusa. Am a professionally trained medical doctor with interest in women reproductive health and sexuality. I help women avoid dangerous termination practices by focusing them on what they can do to terminate safely even when they do not want to use public clinics.

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