Abortion Pill Success Stories

Moseoa found herself pregnant. She was a college student with a scholarship and her life depedent on her finishing her studies successfully. But there was problem now. She was pregnant and like many situations of this nature the boyfriend did not want to take responsiblity. At 18 years of Age the dark clouds were forming around her head.

She was risking losing her scholarship. Losing the scholarship meant that she could not afford her studies and therefore she was going to be forced to drop out college. Droping out of college meant returning to the biting poverty she grew up in. The whole situation was a complete mess for her.

She had to make a difficult decision and very fast. With pregnancy what is in you keeps growing day and night. As you feed yourself you are also feeding what is in you. What was just cells quickly grows into a fullfledged baby. So quick decision making is key at this situation The earlier you decide what you have to do the better for you.

Look at your circumstances and these circumstances should determine the way forward. It is you first. What is at stake for you, because failure on your side means failure of the child if brought into this world.

Moseoa decided to terminate this pregnancy. But she did not know much about what this all means. She ofcourse went to the internet and researched all she could. She discovered that termination in South Africa is legal up to 12 weeks without questions. Termination is also free in public hospitals. Moseoa opted to go to a public hospital for help.

But there was a problem, public hospitals are over burdened with people with very serious problems. So, if you come in with termination as your issue unfortunately you will be last on the line. The reason is pregnancy is not a sickness. You can go through it without anything happening to you. But there are people whose lives are at stake and the hospitals prerioritise these people. Moseoa was promised help in the future and unfortunately they did not come through with the help. The dark clouds kept on forming around her head. There was a very serious problem of her studies coming to a halt. With the haltig of her studies her future would in all likelihood be sabotaged forever. She had to do something about this problem safely.

Moseoa went back to the internet and researched more about the abortion pill. She discovered that it is safe to terminate a pregnancy with a pill and in fact it happens at the comfort of your home. She also discovered that it is similar to having a miscarriage and thousands of pregnancy end through miscarriages on a monthly basis. Moseoa opted for this option. She decided to take pills to end her pregnancy.

Moseoa was able to get hold of the pills and also got to know how they are used. She took the pills as per instructions from her private doctor and within the same day she miscarried and in a few days she was able to get back her old body. It all happened safely and within a short time.

Moseoa is alive. She is healthy. She will be able to give birth in the future at the time of her choosing. She is finishing her studies. If she does not tell you her story you can not tell by just looking at her that she terminated a pregnancy.

Moseoa is a complete success story of the abortion pill. There are thousands of Moseoas walking the streets with differing stories but they were all saved by the miracle abortion pill. The abortion pill is safe and a cheap way to terminate a unwanted pregnancy.



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Dr Thembi MbChB - Mendusa. Am a professionally trained medical doctor with interest in women reproductive health and sexuality. I help women avoid dangerous termination practices by focusing them on what they can do to terminate safely even when they do not want to use public clinics.

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