Abortion Pill Vs Morning After Pill

Morning After Pill is a pill taken a day after having unprotected sex. It is a pill that a woman takes in the hope that it will stop her from becoming pregnant.

Morning after pill is taken between 12 hours to 72 hours after unprotected sex. The aim of this pill is to stop the egg being released from the ovary. If the egg has bee released from the ovary the pill is supposed to stop it from being fertilized. And if the sperm fertilizes the egg then the pill is supposed to stop the fertilized egg from attaching on the uterus.

From all this we realize that morning after pill is supposed to stop from pregnancy happening even if the woman is ripe from pregnancy.

Morning after Pill does work and it is effective in many women. But it also fails in some. Morning after pill stops a pregnancy from happening. It is not similar to a termination pill.

Termination pill which we have discussed extensively in this website stops a pregnancy from continuing. A woman is already pregnant and it is proven. What the pill does is to stop the pregnancy from progressing. This can happen even up to 5 months pregnant. Morning after pill stops the pregnancy from happening. But if it has happened then you have to use termination pills to stop it from continuing.



Morning after pill is far cheaper than termination pill. So, should you have practiced unsafe sex then take the morning after pill. If you test positive for pregnancy then the right option is the termination pill.

Morning after pill do not need any doctors prescription They are available at the counter of any pharmacy easily. On the other hand you will not get termination pills at the counter of a pharmacy. Termination pills are seriously controlled and you will only get them with the assistance of a doctor.

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