Can Essence of Life – Lewensessens – Terminate a Pregnancy?

Essence of Life – Lewensessens- does not terminate a pregnancy. Essence of Life will not lead to destruction of the pregnancy. You will remain fully pregnant after taking Essence of Life. Essence of Life is a constipation medicine. That is all it does.

All women who try to end their pregnancies using Essence of Life – Lewensessens all end up having babies. Lewensessens does not work. It is a waste of time as far as pregnancy termination is concerned.

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Essence of Life for Abortion
Essence of Life is not for Abortion ( it is for constipation) – Use Abortion Pills – WhatsApp +27 61 067 4116

Essence of Life will not abort an early pregnancy. It will not abort a late pregnancy. It will not lead to abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

If you want to terminate the easiest and safest as well as cheapest method is using an abortion pill.

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Essence of Life is a Laxative.

This means that is designed to soften your bowels and makes it easy to go to the toilet. That is it’s primary purpose.

It is not used for termination of pregnancy and it will not work.

Constipation is a common problem for pregnant women. That is why there a lot questions about laxatives or constipation with termination of pregnancy.

The relief of constipation and the running of a the stomach after taking this medication confuse women to believe that it will also assist with termination. It will not happen.

Some Laxatives are Not good during Pregnancy:

Some constipation block the taking of vitamins into the body that will affect the proper growth of the fetus. But that does not mean that it will end in termination. Essence of Life is not one of them though.

Does Essence of Life Clean the Womb?

Essence of Life has nothing to do with abortion and related things. Essence of life relieves a woman who is constipated. Constipation is common with pregnancy but getting bowel movement is not similar to cleaning the womb.

These things are not related at all. Do not use Essence of Life and hope to clean the womb. It does not happen.

Essence of Life After Giving Birth

As long as you are constipated you can use Essence of Life. It is a mild laxative which is herbal based. It is not going to do anything terrible to you.

Is it good for a pregnant woman to drink essence of life?

Yes it is. It will not affect you other than loosening your bowels. It helps with you getting to the toilet easily. That is all it does.

Can Essence of Life Make One Pregnant?

No. It will not. It has nothing to do with pregnancy at all. You will be wasting your time drinking essence of life in the hope of getting pregnant. It will not happen.

If you are infertile or struggling to fall pregnant then Essence of Life will not help. Go to a fertility doctor. Seek professional help. Do not waste your time taking Essence of life in the hope that it will make you pregnant. It will not help.

Essence of Life for Abortion

Save your self time. Do not waste time using Essence of life in the hope that you will terminate an unwanted pregnancy. It will not work.

You will only succeed in getting a running stomach and that is where it will end. The pregnancy will continue.

If you want to terminate a pregnancy then get yourself abortion pills and you will sort that problem quickly, safely and affordably. Stop wasting time with useless things that will keep you pregnant like Essence of Life.

If you need abortion pills Call or WhatsApp +27 61 067 4116 and you will be assisted quickly and safely.

Essence of Life For Periods

Essence of life does not return your periods. It has nothing to do with female reproductive systems. So if your periods are delayed it is not going to happen because you are taking Essence of Life. No.

Find out why you are not having your periods. The first thing to do is to test for pregnancy. If pregnant then get abortion pills. Abortion Pills will end your pregnancy safely, Essence of Life will not.

Test For Pregnancy if your Periods are delayed – Abortion Pills +27 61 067 4116

If you test and find that you are not pregnant but you are still not getting your periods then it could be stress or hormonal imbalance. Essence of Life will still not help you. You either wait to get your hormones rebalanced or seek professional help.

Essence of Life for Period Pains

Essence of Life will not help you with period pains. It is not designed for that. You will be wasting time taking it.

Can Essence of Life Destroy a Pregnancy

No it will not. You will fully remain pregnant to term and have a healthy baby.

The major reason why women take Essence of Life is to either terminate a pregnancy or to get pregnant. This is a contradiction. A product can not terminate a pregnancy and at the same time help a woman get pregnant.

Essence of Life does not terminate pregnancies and it does not help women get pregnant. It has nothing to do with pregnancy.

But I can sure you the manufacturers of Essence of Life are happy to keep this lie going because it boosts sales. They are smiling all the way to the bank.

Other than sales there is nothing this product does related to women reproductive system.

If you want to terminate a pregnancy use Abortion Pills.

If you want to get pregnant and struggling then see a fertility doctor. That is the only way you will succeed.

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