How to Abort a Pregnancy in First Week

Terminating a 1 week pregnancy can be done in two ways. You either terminate the pregnancy using pills which is called medical termination or you terminate this pregnancy surgically. These are the only two recommended ways to end a pregnancy. All other ways will either be unsuccessful or they will be outright dangerous. So do […]

How late can you get an Abortion?

The issue of how late a woman can get an abortion depends on law of the country and in this case South Africa: SOUTH AFRICA THE LAW SAYS: The law that allowed termination of pregnancy in South Africa has a preamble that says: “Recognising that the Constitution protects the right of persons to make decisions […]

Do Abortions Hurt?

Abortion is uncomfortable regardless the method utilized. Surgical abortion involves surgical tools that are inserted inside your vagina to the uterus. You are given medicine to soften the cervix in order to make it easy for the tools to get to the uterus. When inserting those tools inside your vagina to the uterus it is […]

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