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There is only one way a termination can happen in the privacy of your home, that is with the use of an abortion pill. Abortion pills are designed to assist with self abortion. That is abortion in the privacy of your home.

Abortion pills have been tested are found to be able to help women terminate pregnancy in a controlled way similar to what would happen if you had a miscarriage. Miscarriagres happen every day to women in their homes. This is a natural way of your body rejecting the pregnancy. Nothing happens to the women other than losing the baby in this case without their liking. Abortion medicine or pills on the other hand do exactly what happens the natural way but this time the woman concerned has induced it (a miscarriage) and it is very safe. In very, very rare situations do women face problems such as heavy bleeding and in this situation the hospitals can help you quickly and easily.



Poor women and women in countries where abortion is illegal conduct very crude methods when terminating their pregnancies. Some women are known to use coat hangers to terminate pregnancies. This is very dangerous because it leads to bleeding dangerously and also perforating the uterus or any other parts of the woman body. This must not be done at all because more often than not it will lead to disaster.

Some women especially in villages use traditional herbs like crushed sisal leaves, fish poison, inserting cassava sticks, and many other ways. All these ways are wrong and will lead to heavy bleeding, infections, organ failure, blood poisoning and in may cases the results are fatal.

It is therefore important to avoid these methods when terminating a pregnancy.


There is only one home remedy or one home abortion method that is by using abortion pills. These are life savers and are accepted the world over and endorsed by the World Health Organisation. They have beed tested and they are safe to use to terminate a pregnancy at home. But they are also most effective when a woman is in early days of her pregnancy – say 12 weeks and below. So, if you find yourself pregnant decide as quickly as possible what you want to do with the pregnancy.

Also do not terminate your pregnancy using any crude methods. Only and only use abortion pills or surgical abortion.

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Dr Thembi MbChB - Mendusa. Am a professionally trained medical doctor with interest in women reproductive health and sexuality. I help women avoid dangerous termination practices by focusing them on what they can do to terminate safely even when they do not want to use public clinics.

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