Where Can I get Abortion Pills Over the Counter in South Africa

There is no place where you can get Abortion Pills over the counter in SouthAfrica. Abortion Pills in South Africa are Schedule 6 medicines, this means that they are heavily controlled and only dispensed by doctors. Doctors are not even allowed to write prescriptions for abortions pills but they are allowed to dispense these pills in a controlled environment.


Why Abortion Pills Controlled in South Africa

Abortion pills in South Africa are controlled in order to ensure that they are not abused. The South African government does this in order to avoid people abusing a service that is legal in the country. Abortion is legal in the country but with within controlled limits. This is the logic behind this control.

If you do not control abortion pills you find fetuses littering the streets of the country. This happens to a degree but it is not chronic.

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Are there over the counter abortion Pills in South Africa?

The short answer is No. Not at all.

You can not walk into a pharmacy like Dischem or Clicks and ask for misoprostol.

The pharmacies will call for a prescription and they know that you do not have one.

But you can get Misoprostol or Cytotec but it will not be over the counter.
Misoprostol is a highly controlled medication that is only available from your doctor.

Pharmacies like Dischem or Clicks will not give to you over the counter.

Even at the doctors place you will have to go through some checks and thereafter get the pills.

The reason for the controls of this medication is that it is a termination medicine that can result into a miscarriage from as early as 9 weeks to as late as 9 months.

Misoprostol is so powerful in terminating pregnancies that it is also used to induce labour when a woman is due to give birth.

For this reason it is not a medicine that is just dispensed all over the show and more so over the counter.

Government controls abortion pills to ensure that abortion is not done without rules. If they leave pills to be freely available it will be a mess. People will terminate and discard all over the place.

Over the Counter Abortion Pills Clicks | Dischem

You will not get the Abortion Pills at any Clicks or Dichem pharmacy in South Africa. It is impossible.

Clicks is a major pharmaceutical brand in South Africa and they follow the law to the dot. They will not make a mistake that will damage their brand.

They will ask for a prescription well knowing no doctor will give you an abortion pill prescription. It is a polite way of saying NO.

Doctors are the only people allowed to give this medication to pregnant women and not pharmacies.

Abortion Pills at Dischem +2761067 4116
Abortion Pills at Dischem +27610674116

Over the Counter Abortion Pill Cape Town | Durban | Pretoria | Johannesburg

You can not get abortion pills over the counter in any of those towns. Over the counter means you walk into a shop or pharmacy and request to get abortion pills.

It will not happen. Go to your doctor. Doctors and nurses in South Africa are allowed to do termination. That is where the abortion pill is.

You will find doctors and nurses in any of the towns mentioned above that will assist.

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We shall point you to a doctor who will help you get medical abortion in any of the towns in South Africa. Medical abortion means abortion with a pill. You will get it.

Where do you Get The Abortion Pill in South Africa?

You will have to go to your termination doctor. Your doctor will talk to you and understand how far you are into your pregnancy and then will give you the abortion pill.

Government Hospitals and Clinics, Private Clinics and Hospitals will all get you this abortion pill. They MAY subject you to some checks thereafter give you the abortion pill.

Remember 12 weeks and below you do not have to have a reason to terminate.

You just have to make a decision that you do want to go through the with the pregnancy and you can terminate it. No questions are asked.

After the 12th week you may have to explain yourself to the doctor depending on where you are trying to get help. That is what the law says. It is not about anything, it is the demand of the law.

Abortion Pill is Not Reversible

When you take the abortion pill the process will not be reversed. So make sure you are ready to go through with the process of termination.

But it is not difficult to get the abortion pill. Go to you doctor or nurse and will get the abortion pill.

Actually it is easy to get the abortion pill in South Africa. The pills are readily available in clinics and hospitals.

These pills have saved many women from horrible unsafe abortion practices.

Why are Abortion Pills Controlled in South Africa?

The pills are controlled to ensure they are not abused.

Abortion can terminate pregnancies from 1 week to 9 months. Just imagine keeping them easily available over the counter. You will find babies and fetuses scattered all over the place.

The minimal control there is, is to ensure that this does not happen.

But, you can get them if you are the right fit from your doctor.

The abortion pills are very safe and very effective. You just have to get the right pills and the right dose and know how to use them and you are ready to go.

Over the Counter Abortion Pill in South Africa

There is no over the counter abortion pills in South Africa. You will not get them at any pharmacy.

You will not get abortion pills at Clicks or Dischem. Not, even at a corner pharmacy.

Doctors and nurses in clinics and hospitals in South Africa are allowed to dispense abortion pills. Of-course they will follow a procedure to ensure that you are a right match for medical abortion – abortion with a pill.

It is not difficult to get the abortion pills in South Africa. But NOT over the counter. Clinics and hospitals, it will happen.

The idea is to protect women from ending pregnancies willy – nilly. That is why this medicine is controlled.

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