How much is Misoprostol at Clicks or Dischem pharmacy?

Clicks and Dischem DO NOT sell abortion pills. You will not get abortion pills at these pharmacies in South Africa.

Do Not Embarrass yourself looking for abortion pills at these pharmacies because you will not get the abortion pills there.

But it is easy to get abortion pills.

Where to Buy Abortion Pills in South Africa (


South African Abortion Law does not allow Dischem or Clicks to sell abortion pills to end users. Abortion Pills are available from doctors, clinics or hospitals.

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Abortion Pills at Clicks
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No pharmacy in Southa Africa is allowed to sell abortion pills. How much is Misoprostol at Clicks or Dischem pharmacy? There is no price for abortion pills in South African pharmacies.

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Pharmacies in South Africa do NOT sell abortion pills under any circumstance. The medicine control act does not allow them to do so. South African abortion law also, only allows doctors, registered nurses and midwives to do abortion. That is where abortion medicine (pills) is found and not in pharmacies.

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Clicks and Dischem do have Misoprostol (for other ailments) but you will not be able to get it for pregnancy termination not even with a prescription.

You also can NOT get a prescription for termination medicine, stating that you want to terminate a pregnancy. It will not happen.

So, there is No price for Misoprostol at Clicks or Dischem. You will not get the price because they will not give you abortion medicine under any circumstance.

The reason lies in the Act controlling medication and two the Act about who is allowed to do termination of pregnancy in South Africa.

Pharmaceutical Act Governing Dispensing of Medicines in South Africa

Pharmacies in South Africa are governed by an act of parliament. This acts stipulates how medicines are dispensed to people. The relevant act is abbreviated as MRSA – The Medicines and Related Substances Act, 101 of 1965.

This act breaks down medicines into 8 schedules. These schedules are broken down based on risk for abuse, dependency after usage (addiction forming) and out right dangerous. We shall discuss up to schedule 6. That is what is relevant to us.

The lower the schedule the less controlled.

Do pharmacies sell abortion pills
Mifepristone abortion Pill

eSchedule 0

Can be found in Supermarkets in the drug section. Very low risk medication.

The likes of mild pain killers, cough mixtures and likes. The medicines for self treatment.

Schedule 1- 2

These are medicines that you can buy over the counter without prescription in a pharmacy. They are kept behind a counter because they have a potential for abuse and habit forming.

When you go to a pharmacy you will find these behind the self medication department but behind a counter. You are only given enough and never more than what you need.

Schedule 3 -4

This medication needs a prescription from a doctor. It is usually repeat medication.

These medicines are controlled but you can get them from a pharmacist without a prescription in small doses under certain circumstances. Any repeat dose the pharmacist will insist on a prescription.

For example people suffering from high blood pressure can talk to a pharmacist to get a small supply of this medicine as they sort out a new prescription from a doctor. This is allowed.

Schedule 5 – 6

These are highly controlled medication that can lead to dependence, they are dangerous if not monitored and can be abused.

Codeine as cough mixture is an example. It leads to addiction.

Abortion pills lie in this category. They can be abused. Abortion pills if dispensed to any one may lead to uncontrolled terminations at any stage of pregnancy.

Abortion pills treat other illnesses like cancer, ulcers, arthritis and the likes. But they also used to terminate pregnancies. So because of the diseases they treat and the alternative usage they are highly controlled.

You can get this medication at a pharmacy but as treatment of those other diseases but not for abortion. The prescription would detail what you are treating and remember not abortion. The usage instruction would be different from abortion.

And no doctor in South Africa will give you a prescription detailing abortion. It is not going to happen.

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Why you can not get an Abortion Medicine Prescription in South Africa

Abortion in South Africa can only be done by a trained nurse, midwife and doctor.

That is what the law says. A pharmacist is not included in that list and you are not on the list either. So for that reason no doctor will give you a prescription saying abortion medicine. It will not happen.

Doctors are highly trained people and know this thing. Pharmacist know that there is no doctor who will give you that prescription.

Nurses are allowed to terminate pregnancies but they will not write a prescription either. So getting termination medicine at a pharmacy over the counter will not happen at all.

Look at the picture below it shows who is allowed to terminate. That is where you will find abortion medication.

Who does Abortion in South Africa -Adapted from the Mail and Guardian

Cost of Abortion Pills at Clicks or Dischem

You will not get the abortion pills at those pharmacies, therefore there is no cost and there is no price.

The law of South Africa prohibits pharmacies from dispensing abortion pills. So, they will never give you a price.

Does Link Pharmacy sell Abortion Pills

Link pharmacy is a major pharmacy in South Africa. It is also guided by the MRSA act. The act that controls medication – procurement, storage and dispensing.

For that reason they do not sell abortion pills. You will not get the abortion pills at any Link pharmacy in South Africa.

Abortion Pills for Sale in Tembisa
Cytotec Abortion Pills

Abortion Pills at Clicks Pharmacy or Dischem?

Clicks and Dischem will not give you abortion pills not under any circumstances.

Clicks and Dischem like any other pharmacy in South Africa follow the rules and regulations that govern controlled medicines. We have talked about the MRSA above. Dischem and Clicks follow this act to the letter.

Abortion pills are only dispensed by doctors and nurses and not pharmacists. So it is impossible for you to walk in with a prescription saying you want to terminate your pregnancy and therefore you want pills to do that for you.

You will not get any happiness at Dischem or Clicks.

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Mifepristone price at Clicks | Misoprostol price at Clicks

There is no price for Mifepristone and Misoprostol at Clicks. You will never find that price because it is a highly controlled medicine used for abortion.

But outside Clicks you will find these two medicines. Mifepristone is very expensive. Misoprostol is cheap.

In South Africa there is no uniform price. But, all you have to know is that Mifepristone is very expensive and Misoprostol is very cheap.

In termination you can use both or Misoprostol only. You will get the desired results.

Abortion Pill in Durban Pharmacy

No Pharmacy in Durban will get you the abortion pill. It is not worthy their trading licence. No Clicks or Dischem pharmacy in Durban will get you the abortion pills.

Pharmacies in South Africa are not allowed to sell abortion pills.

But the abortion pills are easily available with Abortion doctors and nurses in Durban. You will find it in clinics and hospitals.

If you need the abortion pill in Durban contact by a call or whatsapp +27 61 067 4116. You will be pointed to the best place where you can find abortion pills without a lot of hoops.

Where can I buy Abortion Pills over the Counter

There is no place where you can get abortion pills over the counter in South Africa.

But it is not difficult to get abortion pills. They are available in doctor’s rooms, with nurses doing abortion and all clinics and hospitals at different prices.

You will not get them at a uniform price. South Africa does not allow price collusion.

But in all places you have to go through a bit of hoops to get the pills. Each place has its procedures before they give you the pills.

But at the counter in a shop or pharmacy, it is not possible to find abortion pills. Not in South Africa.

If you do not want to go through hoops to get the abortion pills, we can be of help. Just contact us by WhatsApp on +27 61 067 4116. We shall point you to where you will be able to get the right pills.

Where do you get Abortion Pills?

The state does not want Abortion pills abused so they control it. Abortion Pills are dispensed by doctors and nurses only. This is to control abuse. You will not get it at any pharmacy.

If you do not know they way forward talk to us. We shall point you to doctors and nurses where you will get your issue sorted and cheaply.

When do I take the Abortion Pills?

When used for early termination Abortion Pills or Pregnancy Termination pills are most effective. The more you delay the more difficult it will be for you to terminate using pills. It is therefore very important to decide early and terminate your pregnancy using abortion pills.

In Conclusion – Do pharmacies sell abortion pills?

Not is South Africa. No pharmacy will get you the abortion pills.

Pills are very easy to get though.

They are easy to use and they are safe.

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