Abortion Pill where can I get it in South Africa?

We shall get you the pill for termination. It does not matter where you are, we shall assist you. But the pills are not one size fits all. We need to find a little bit of information about you so that we are able to serve you properly. The pills can either be delivered in person or we can couirered to you. Where you are will determine what whill happen. One thing for sure is that we shall do what has to be done to serve you properly.


Abortion pill what to expect :

Abortion pills are very safe. You just have to take them as per instructions and you will be ok. The only thing that will happen to you is that you may experience chills, diahrreoa, nausea, vomiting and cramping. Some women also expreince pain. Simply put a hot water bottle on your stomach or a hot towel and you will be able to manage this pain. One other thing is that this pain quickly goes away. All the issues mentioned above end soon.

Abortion pill latest you can take

The pill can be taken at any stage of one’s pregnancy. But the best time to take pills is when you are early. The earlier the better. If you take pills at an advanced stage have no doubt you will see a baby and it will be a live baby. So, please do not take pills when you are late.

Abortion pill do you see the fetus

Between 1 week to 17 weeks you are not going to see any thing other than your menstrual blood and a few clots. But if you wait beyond 17 weeks you are going to see a fetus. If pregnancy is your problem then do not wait. Decide what you want to do with your pregnancy as quickly as possible. The earlier you decide what you want to do with your pregnancy the better for you. Every day you fail to decide you inch towards what you do not want to see. It is critical to terminate early.


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Dr Thembi MbChB - Mendusa. Am a professionally trained medical doctor with interest in women reproductive health and sexuality. I help women avoid dangerous termination practices by focusing them on what they can do to terminate safely even when they do not want to use public clinics.

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