• If the pregnancy is unplanned then it is within your choice to terminate.
  • If you are facing economic hardship (unemployed) then it is right to choose termination of a pregnancy.
  • If you got raped and therefore do not want to have a baby as result of this unfortunate issue then you are right to terminate.
  • If you will not be able to mentally and physically bring up a happy child then you are within your rights to termnate a pregnancy.
  • Adoption is not as easy as you think. It is better to terminate a pregnancy than hope to get the child adopted. You do not have control over the adoption process. Adoption is a state (government) issua and it is not in your control.
  • Termination of pregnancy is far better than abadoning a child in a drain or on the street after give full term birth. You will leave with the guilt all your life if you abadon a leaving child.
  • If your pregnancy is due to incest (sleeping with relatives) it is better to terminate pregnancy than have a child with your relative (father, brother or cousin).
  • It is always based to abort within three months of conceiving because then the child has not fully formed and therefore you are not getting rid off a human being but cells.
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