Do You want to Terminate an Unwanted Pregnancy? I will help You.

Do You want to Terminate an Unwanted Pregnancy? I will help You abort the unwanted pregnancy safely, professionally and quickly.

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D Thembi – will assist you with compassion

This is a difficult period for you and I know it. The decision to terminate is not a decision that you are taking lightly and we are very much aware of the trying time you find yourself in. But DO NOT worry. You are not alone. We are on your side and we will help you during this trying time – safely, quickly and affordably.

We do not judge any one and the whole process is private. We DO NOT share information with any one. The whole process is done anonymously.


Is Termination Safe?

Termination of pregnancy is VERY SAFE. It is actually safer than giving birth at full term. But you have to do it either medically or surgically. Do NOT try any other option. It has to be either medically (were pills are used) or Surgically(surgical instruments). Those are the only two safe methods and nothing else.

Cheapest and Safest Abortion Method

Medical abortion (abortion with a pill) is the cheapest, commonest and safest abortion method were Pills are used to end a pregnancy.

It is the cheapest and safest method to terminate an early pregnancy because there is no doctor intervention. You are given pills by the doctor and the pills induce your menstrual cycle and you pass the pregnancy tissue with your menstrual cycle and you are done.

It is QUICK, VERY SAFE, AND EFFECTIVE. It is the most used termination method in South Africa, because it is affordable available through out the country.

When and where is it available?

Medical abortion (abortion with a pill) is available only to women who are less than 16 weeks pregnant from the first day of their last period. We can help you wherever you around the country. Simply give us a call and we shall assist you.

Is it safe?

It is extremely safe and the few problems that may occur can be dealt with easily and quickly.

What happens before the abortion?

Confirm that you are pregnant by doing a pregnancy test. The cheapest test is done using test kits available done in most pharmacies. This is the cheapest way to know whether you are pregnant or not.

How is medical abortion done?

You are given termination medicine to take orally by the clinician. This is the medication that empties your uterus. You will probably start to have strong cramps and bleeding, similar to a heavy period. Pain medicine or a heating pad can help with the cramps. You may also have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, or feel tired.

Abortion Pills are very safe and effective for Termination

In some rare situations the abortion may not happen. In such a situation you will need to take another dose of medicine after a week.

How effective is it?

Medical abortion works in 90% of women. This is a very high percentage. This means that medical abortion fails in only 1 of 10 women. It succeeds in 9 out of 10 women. This is an extremely success rate and therefore chances are very high that you will terminate using medical abortion.

Will it affect future pregnancies?

The medications leave your body within one week and do not affect future pregnancies or your general health.

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How can you terminate a pregnancy?

1. Medical abortion which is discussed above is the most common and safest way to terminate a pregnancy. It is safe because pills (tablets) designed to terminate pregnancies are used. These pills are very effective to end unwanted pregnancy in the comfort of your home.

When you use these pills to end a pregnancy all you will see is your normal menstrual cycle and you are done. If you are slightly late you will also see clots. The bleeding will be heavy and then it reduces and before you know it your pregnancy has ended and you go back to your normal life.

2. The alternative is surgical. This happens in the clinic and you are put under local anethesia. The doctor then uses tools designed to end a pregnancy into your vagina through to the uterus, then scoops out the embryo or fetus depending on the stage of your pregnancy. Because of the doctors direct intervention this method is very expensive.

Do You Want to Terminate? Call or Email Now?
Call or Whatsapp: +27 61 067 4116

Termination of Pregnancy Pill – 1 week to 4 months Pregnant Abortion Pill

Pills for pregnancy termination are the same regardless of what stage of pregnancy you are. The pill remains the same. But, the dosage may differ depending on how far you are and not 2 women are the same. Some women take only two pills and it is enough and others take ten. It is difficult to know what will be enough for you and not more than enough. One thing is that pills for termination are very safe and effective in over 90% of women. This is a very big percentage.

Pills are also cheap. Pills are life savers. Without pills many women would perform dangerous abortions. So pills have saved extremely many lives of women. Because if women are determined to end a pregnancy they do all kinds of things. But please avoid taking anything other than the correct pill and you are sure to be safe and also you will terminate your pregnancy safely.

Do You Want to Terminate? Call or Email Now?
Call or Whatsapp: +27 61 067 4116

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