Abortion Pill How Quick does it Work?

The abortion pill will work, but how quickly it works defers from person to person. In some people the pill will work within a few minutes say 30 minutes after taking the first dose of pills, in other people it may even take a couple of days before it works. So it is very difficult to pin down how quickly it will on you. One thing for sure is that it works in more than 95% of the women.

The abortion pill works very quickly in people who take it sublingually that is under the tongue, as opposed to those who take it vaginally. Check under your tongue now and you will see several small vessels, those vessels take in the medication into your blood stream quicker than swallowing them. Those vessels also take in the medication quicker than if you insert it in your vagina. In fact pills inserted in the vagina though work but sometimes they fall out when some one goes to the toilet rendering the whole process a failure. In as much as this procedure of inserting the pill vaginally works but there is a chance that the pills will fall out before they dissolve.


Which is the best method for quick results?

It depends on the pill you are taking but from my personal experience pills taken sublingually have a high success rate than those taken vaginally. They dissolve quickly under your tongue and enter the blood stream and start working quickly.

Abortion pill earliest you can take

Pills can be taken as early as 1 week. As soon as you know that you are pregnant then you are ready to take pills to terminate the pregnancy if you want to. If you terminate early you will see nothing more than your menstrual cycle. When you wait longer you will see clots of blood and say you wait longer into your 5 month you will see a fetus and further down the line it will be a fully grown baby.

So take the pills as soon as you know that you are pregnant. Make a quick decision what you what to do with your pregnancy. A quick decision is key when you have this kind of a problem. It saves you a lot.

Abortion pill make you infertile

Abortion pills are very safe and do not in any way affect your fertility. Many girls terminate a pregnancy and quickly get pregnant again. Protect yourself from getting pregnant again quickly by having safe sex. The abortion pill does not protect you and it does not make you infertile at all.


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