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Your pregnancy has come at a difficult time. We're here to help you. We care about you and your abortion decision.

We specialize in Non-surgical (medical) early pregnancy termination. It is a preferred method of termination as 98% of the women who do it get through it successfully.

You can receive medical abortion as soon as you discover that you are pregnant. The medication will cause the uterus to expel the pregnancy on the same day and often pain free.

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We use medical abortion - which means abortion with usage of an abortion pill because of the advantages below.

Advantages of Medical Abortion (Abortion by Pill):

  • Medical abortion feels natural.
  • You do not have objects inserted inside you.
  • It is private
  • High success rate
  • You can do it as soon as you discover that you are pregnant. No preparation is necessary.
  • It is cheap but very effective and successful
  • It is very safe to do. It is extremely rare to get complications when using the abortion pill.
  • It can be done from 1 week of pregnancy to your 16 week.
  • It can be done by the woman herself without any problem whatsoever.
  • Termination medicine is readily available all the time.
  • There are various ways to terminate an unwanted pregnancy (abort) the cheapest being termination using an Abortion Pill. You can learn more about the abortion Abortion Procedure and also How Does Abortion Work. After an Abortion this is what you have to know and follow so that you can recover very quickly and get back your old body.

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