How to have a Safe Abortion


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Your pregnancy has come at a difficult time.

We’re here to help you.

We care about you and your abortion decision.

We specialize in Non-surgical (medical) early pregnancy termination.

It is a preferred method of termination as 98% of the women who do it get through it successfully.

You can receive medical abortion as soon as you discover that you are pregnant.

The medication will cause the uterus to expel the pregnancy on the same day and often pain free.

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The Method of Abortion that we Use

We use medical abortion – which means abortion with usage of an abortion pill because of the advantages below.

Abortion Pills are Safe


Medical abortion feels natural.You do not have objects inserted inside you. It is private, High success rate, You can do it as soon as you discover that you are pregnant. No preparation is necessary.

It is cheap but very effective and successful. It is very safe to do.

It is extremely rare to get complications when using the abortion pill.

It can be done from 1 week of pregnancy to your 16 week.

It can be done by the woman herself without any problem whatsoever.Termination medicine is readily available all the time.

There are various ways to terminate an unwanted pregnancy (abort) the cheapest being termination using an Abortion Pill.

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Dr Thembi I am OK. Thanks a great deal for all the help. You saved my marriage. Without your assistance it was all going to go wrong. —- Mary – Mafikeng

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Abortion Pills taken sublingual

This is a difficult period for you and we know it. Termination of pregnancy is a difficult and traumatic experience for every one. We do NOT make it harder than it already is for you.

Abortion Pills at Clicks

You will NOT get Abortion Pills at Clicks or even Dischem. You will also not get abortion pills from any pharmacy. It will not happen.

Pharmacies do not sell abortion pills by law. So, do not embarrass yourself looking for abortion pills at Clicks.

Abortion pills are dispensed by abortion doctors only. If you need them contact me and I will point you to the right place where you will get help.

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Abortion Pills at Pharmacies

Pharmacies are not allowed to offer abortion pills. No pharmacy will give you abortion pills. It is against the rules that govern them.

Abortion pills are from doctors rooms.

Contact me us and we shall assist you get the pills.

Abortion Pills Online

Let us Assist you get the abortion pills wherever you are. Abortion pills are not one dose fits all. Contact us and let us discuss your condition and get you the right dose wherever you are.

A simple WhatsApp message will get the process going.

Early Termination of Pregnancy is Easy and Quick

Yes early termination of pregnancy is not complicated if done with a Pill or Surgically. It passes quite quickly and safely. No woman gets a problem terminating an early pregnancy in the right way.

Use a Pill and your abortion will be very safe, cheap, quick and easy.

Our Staff will Assist You

It will be OK. It will all come to pass. Dr Rene and all her staff will assist you during this difficult time and it will all come to an end.

I am on your side and we will help you during this trying time – safely, quickly and affordably. We do not judge any one.

The staff at Your Choice do not ask embarrassing questions and the whole process is private. We DO NOT share information with any one. The whole process is done anonymously.

Know More About Termination of an Unwanted Pregnancy

Is Termination Safe?

Termination of pregnancy is VERY SAFE. It is actually safer than giving birth at full term. But you have to do it either medically or surgically. Do NOT try any other option.

Termination done with abortion pills is extremely safe. It will not affect you at all.

You will quickly get your body back and you will be up and running less the pregnancy.

Abortion Pills Can also be inserted in the vagina


Thank You. I was filled with fear and you helped me during my most difficult time.

Maritza – Centurion

When to have an Abortion

As soon as you know you are pregnant and you do not want to go through with the pregnancy to term, that is the right time terminate.

It can be as early as 1 week.

Remember the law in South Africa allows termination from 1 week but not beyond 20 weeks.

So do not delay. Decide early or time will decide for you. After 5 months you may struggle to get help.

You should also know the earlier you do it the cheaper for you. If you delay it becomes expensive.

Early termination is also good as you do not see much other than your menstrual cycle. If you delay you may see things you do not want to see.

If you need help WhatsApp +27 61 067 4116 now for immediate assistance.

Early Abortion is Just Blood Nothing More

What do I do before the Abortion?

Confirm pregnancy by testing. The cheapest test is done using test kits available done in most pharmacies. This is the cheapest way to know whether you are pregnant or not.

Clearblue Test kit -Termination of Pregnancy

Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test Kit

The best pregnancy test kit is called Clearblue. It is available in Dischem, Clicks and big supermarkets at the money counter. Get the digital one that shows days and weeks of pregnancy.

It prints on the screen Pregnant or Not Pregnant. You do not miss the results.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test Indicator

Cheapest and Safest Abortion Method – Termination Pill (Medical Termination of Pregnancy)

Abortion Pills for Women

Abortion with a pill is the cheapest, commonest and safest abortion method. The pill abortion method is most effective when the pregnancy is early.

It is the cheapest and safest method to terminate an early pregnancy because there is no direct doctor intervention.

You are given pills by the doctor and the pills induce your menstrual cycle and you pass the pregnancy tissue with your menstrual cycle and you are done.

This process is QUICK, VERY SAFE, AND EFFECTIVE. It is the most used termination method in South Africa, because it is affordable available through out the country.

When and where is Abortion with a Pill available?

The abortion pill is available from us all you have to do is to get hold of us on (call or whatsapp) +27 61 067 4116.

A medical abortion (abortion with a pill) is available to women who are less than 16 weeks pregnant from the first day of their last period. We serve the whole of South Africa. Our details are on the page and we shall assist you.

Medical Termination of pregnancy with a pill is very safe and effective.

But you can not get abortion (miscarriage) pills over the counter. We shall help you get the right pills for a miscarriage.

The right abortion pills have the wording ‘Searle’ on them.

It is extremely safe and the few problems that may occur can be dealt with easily and quickly.

Pills do not kill any one. They are very safe.


I can not recommend you more to any one who needs my kind of help. I received the meds, followed the instructions and it started and ended. I am OK today thanks to your honesty and professionalism.

Bongi – Witbank

How is Abortion with a Pill Done?

You are given termination medicine to take orally by the clinician.

This is the medication that empties your uterus.

You will probably start to have strong cramps and bleeding, similar to a heavy period.

Pain medicine or a heating pad can help with the cramps. You may also have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, or feel tired. All these are normal side effects and they go away.

In some very rare situations the abortion may not happen immediately. You will have to wait a bit. There is no need to panic.

If it does not happen at all in some rear situation you will need to take another dose of medicine after a week.

How effective is Abortion with a Pill?

It is recommended by the World Health Organization therefore very effective method to end a pregnancy.

If you go to all public hospitals in South Africa, it is the commonest method of termination.

Abortion with a Pill otherwise Medical abortion works in 90% of women. This is a very high percentage.

This means that medical abortion fails in only 1 of 10 women. It succeeds in 9 out of 10 women. This is an extremely success rate and therefore chances are very high that you will terminate using medical abortion.

Pills are very effective and very safe. No person dies from using abortion pills. They extremely safe.

Does Abortion with a Pill Affect My Future Pregnancies?

Not at all. The medication has no impact on your fertility. The medication does the termination and it leaves your body intact.

You will be healthy and up and running soon. You can also fall pregnant soon again.

I messed up and my marriage was crumbling. Without your assistance it would all be gone by now. Am grateful for you being there during my deepest hour of need. Thank you.

Nani – Grasmere

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Termination of Pregnancy Pill – 1 week to 4 months Pregnant Abortion Pill

Abortion Pills remain the same regardless of when you terminate.

The dose will increase should you wait for weeks to roll by. So the earlier you terminate the better.

The dose that works defers from woman to woman. Some women take only two pills and it is enough and others take ten. It is difficult to know what will be enough for you and not more than enough.

One thing is that pills for termination are very safe and effective in over 90% of women. This is a very big percentage.

Pills are also cheap. Pills are life savers. Without pills many women would perform dangerous abortions.

Because if women are determined to end a pregnancy they do all kinds of things. But please avoid taking anything other than the correct abortion pills and you are sure to be safe and also you will terminate your pregnancy safely.

How can I Get Rid Off a Pregnancy without My Parents Knowing?

You have to do it as early as possible. It must be done within the first weeks of knowing you are pregnant.

The cheapest way to do this is to use abortion pills. Abortion pills if used properly they are very effective and the whole thing can be done privately and secretively.

Do not try anything other than abortion pills. Home remedies with either not work and therefore you remain pregnant or if you go crude you will injure yourself and this will make your parents know.


Contact us by WhatsApp on +27 61 067 4116. Let us see how best to help you.

You can get an abortion pill at any age. If you are pregnant, then you can get the pill to terminate a pregnancy. There is no age limit. If you do not get help then you will get a baby.

How Much is Abortion?

The is no uniform price for abortion because the methods of abortion different. Abortion with a pill is cheap and surgical is expensive.

The duration of your pregnancy determines what you will pay. A person who is one month will not pay the same price like a person who is 5 months. The earlier you terminate the cheaper it will be for you.

Termination is a time sensitive decision and action. You have to decide and act early. At some point you will not even get help.

Can Morning after Pill cause a Miscarriage

No. Morning after pill is to stop you from getting pregnant after having unprotected sex.

If you are already pregnant what will help you are termination pills. That is the fact. Do not waste time with morning after pills if you discover when you are pregnant.

Morning After Pill stop ovulation or fertilization not Abortion

Morning After Pill is NOT for Abortion

Will Stameta help with Abortion?

Stameta is a herb that is not designed to terminate pregnancies. In many people it does not work. It is wasted time and effort.

Many women who terminate after 12 weeks start out trying things like Stametta and they fail. They then seek professional help.

In a few women Stametta works because it extremely bitter. The body is not tuned to deal with it. In such a situation there is uncontrolled bleeding. It is dangerous.

Do not use Stametta to end a pregnancy. Go for pills instead. They are safe, recommended and guaranteed.

Stametta is NOT for Abortion. Do NOT use it

Essence of Life is NOT for Abortion

Can Essence of Life Destroy a Pregnancy?

No. Essence of life can prepare you system for an abortion with a pill. But essence of life alone can never lead to an abortion. It will be wasted money and time.

Do not waste time with these kind of things. They just do not lead to abortion.

Essence of Life is NOT for Abortion

It is Abortion Pills that will help you with abortion.

Things like chamomile tea, also do not lead to abortion. The only sure thing that will lead to termination of pregnancy is Abortion pills.

If you need them WhatsApp +27 61 067 4116.

Essence of Life does not lead to abortion – Use Abortion Pills instead.

Home Made Abortion | Abortion at Home

The only safe method of doing abortion at home is with a pill.


It is only pills that do controlled termination of pregnancy at home.

Aspirin, coca cola and all other things will NOT help you terminate a pregnancy. Do not waste your time.

If you want to do abortion at home. Contact me and I will get you the pills and you will be perfectly safe –

WhatsApp +27 61 067 4116.

Hangers are a not safe for abortion

Hangers are dangerous do not Use them for Abortion

Laxatives for Termination of Pregnancy

No laxative will help you terminate a pregnancy. It does not matter how far you are into your pregnancy, laxatives will not help you.

You can be 1 week or 2 months, it will NOT happen.

You will only get diarrhea and it will end there. If you want to end a pregnancy use abortion pills. It is that simple.

WhatsApp +27 61 067 4116 if you want to abort and we shall advise you.

Can African Potato Terminate Pregnancy

No. It is a complete waste of your time. The only thing that terminates a pregnancy is an abortion pill.

Just do not waste time with these things. Get the abortion pill and you will save time.

African Potato is NOT for abortion

Abortion pills are not expensive. Need Pills WhatsApp +27 61 067 4116 for assistance.

African Potato will not terminate a Pregnancy

Can a Newspaper Terminate a Pregnancy? No. These things will only succeed in making you sick. You will not achieve the objective to termination.

If you want to terminate then use a pill.

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